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Love your Side. Wear your Side.
Our 'Sider sweatshirts are printed on organic combed cotton in a beautiful vintage white & navy.

Northsider are printed in white text.
Southsider are printed in black text.

Sizes: Kids + Adults

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This is an exclusive design and is printed in small batches on 100% Organic Fair Trade Cotton. It is available to pre-order and you will have it in roughly 4 weeks. Know that it is made in factories that pay their workers fairly and provide good working conditions. #ThisIsNotFastFashion

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TheMiniPost Apparel make a conscious choice only to use fair trade organic cotton. Its makes our t-shirts softer, and kinder sitting next to the skin we love. The fair trade and eco creds reflect our own ethos as a brand. We want to support those in the industry trying to make change for good and improve working conditions.

We support SLOW fashion and our items are printed in small batches.

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